Hi! I'm Laurel.

Photographer, writer, all around creative. 


I want to create beauty, foster connection, showcase your heart, and give you something to treasure for years to come. 

If it's before 9:00am you'll find me either still asleep or rewarding myself for being up with Chick-Fil-A breakfast. 

Bucket List Item #42: Visit all the Disney parks in the world. 3 down and 3 to go!

Wanna know more?

I love these so much. Thank you so, so much for helping us get photos, I seriously appreciate it and will treasure these photos.

I love Love.

My wedding photography style is similar to my personality: I like to keep things real, and full of love.


I won't be in your face with a big flash and posing every inch of everything. I'll be there to catch the sweet moments, the in between bits, to showcase the way things really looked and felt. I'm here for you, and I'm excited to create some beautiful images of your love story.

She is WONDERFUL to work with - so easy going, she wants to make sure that she delivers what you are looking for, and she makes you so at ease during the photoshoot process.

People are the best.

High school or college seniors, celebrations like engagements and anniversaries, or even new photos for social media. I want to showcase you and who you are in our photos! 

You don't always need "an occasion" to have great photos. But if there is one, let's celebrate! And if not, we still deserve to party a little bit with beautiful photos.

She has outdone herself - everyone who has seen the photos has raved about them, and I'm so so excited about the photos.

Let's make magic.

You're hustlin', starting up that new brand or business and making it work. You're a fitness guru, a pastry chef; you're doing awesome. 

You know how we get more people to see that awesomeness? Photos that showcase what you're all about, and strategically putting them to use in places people will see them. And you.

I also work with small businesses on their content creation and strategy!

She helped me create a brand for my business ... knowing the vision for what I wanted to provide for my clients. Not only this, but she helped me loosen up in-front of the camera and be me with her cheerful personality! Thank you Laurel!

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We're not meant to do life alone.

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