I'm Laurel.

I love the way sunlight filters through leaves in the summer; the smell of homemade hot cocoa on a snowy day. The way people look at their loved ones; old, worn, and loved books.

I'm a writer, photographer, and I'm saved by Grace.

I'm always quoting movies and bustin' out dance moves. Most of what I say is a quote from a movie or song, or it's probably going to be punny. Or nerdy. Or all of the above. 

I love people and I love to tell their stories. I showcase them through content that shows people who you are and images that will last you a lifetime.

Let's do the world a favor and tell your story, shall we?

As a writer...

I write content for small and large businesses alike that tells their story to their audience.


I take your voice--your brand--and I help your social media content really stand out. I can help you curate a consistent voice from post copy to email newsletter content and so much more. I have a lot of experience with writing as an English major in college, and a lifelong writer of all genres.

I've been scribbling down stories since I could spell, and I write in a variety of genres--from lifestyle blogging to fantasy novels to children's books and more.


And speaking of my blog, on it you'll find a mix of photography work, real life talk, faith topics, and excerpts from my bigger works of writing.


If that sounds interesting, I'd love for you to check it out

As a photographer...

The mountains are the staple of Colorado Springs, but I love exploring all around. Whether it's unique buildings and coffee shops in town or traipsing through forests, it's all pretty magical to me. Especially forests. I LOVE forests, they're kind of my jam.


I get asked a lot if I travel and the answer is YES. If you're outside of Colorado Springs (or outside this great state), don't worry. We can make gorgeous photos happen wherever you are! Follow me on Instagram and join the newsletter to hear when I'm on the move, maybe in your area!

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