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Hipster Princess Extras: Belle

This was my first of all the Hipster Princess photo shoots, back in early 2013. And I'll tell you something else: the original idea for the whole project was hers! My model for this shoot not only crafted the idea for this shoot and helped me craft all the others, she also brainstormed ideas with me and handmade some props. WOW. On top of all that, she's my sister! Here's one of the final edits from the shoot:

^Props to anyone who gets the funny tweak I did to the book signs on that one.

So! This photo didn't stay in the final edits because it's similar to another I took, but the other one had more "oomph." Largely because I gave the other one a French tilt. It's still good, though, and very bookworm-ish!

I liked this above shot, but in the end, some others were even cooler! Note the tiny necklace, it may look a tad bit familiar...mostly because it's a chipped cup! You can't see it too well, but that's what made the hidden accessories so fun.

We both really liked this photo, but as we talked about the vision for the project, we decided we wanted all the princesses to be caught up in their own little, no looking at the camera!

Keep an eye out for more Hipster Princess Extras, y'all!


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