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Hipster Princess Extras: Snow White

Ah, Snow White. A classic. The first Disney Princess, the story that started it all, so to speak. My good friend Michaela modeled for this one, because she's got the PERFECT Snow White look: fair skin, gorgeous dark hair, and composure. Here's one of the ones we used for the final cut:

(I mean, look at that Snow White-ness! She was perfect for this role!)

This picture didn't make the cut, ultimately, because I preferred the closer shot where we could focus on her face a little more. I was learning the dos and don'ts of shooting with a wide angle, and sometimes proportions can get a little funky.

Kind of similar reason for this one being cut; I didn't like the way my wide angle acted from this perspective as much as in some other shots. We ended up with some other ones with the apple that were just really cute, too!

I think this one is so cute--when I took it,I felt so artsy and clever (lol, little Laurel). But once I went to edit it with the heavy cross processing all the other images have, it didn't feel like it fit the vision as much. But, seriously, what's more hipster than taking selfies??

With this photo, I ran into some issues I didn't know how to work around at the time: the lighting!! Lighting can be the bane of a photographer's existence, especially when that photographer doesn't have the proper tools to fix such a problem. But it was a cute idea nonetheless!

And there you have it, Snow White's Hipster Princess Extras! More to come later!


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