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A month ago! I was in Paris a month ago, wow. In sunshine and rain, making use of what little French I still speak and getting the hang of their metro system. I wanted to write about it and totally forgot to, but I'm getting around to it now.

Paris was, really, the perfect city to visit. Life moves at a slower pace; people take 2-hour lunch breaks, read books in the park, and aren't so connected to their phones. They walk slower, stop to smell the roses, and whoever said French people are rude is wrong because everyone was lovely.

I meticulously planned this trip, but as fun as the planning process was (because it actually was), being in the city was better than I could've planned.

Tuesday had plenty of adventure: I had a 9-hour flight and arrived in the morning, and what was usually a 45-minute trip to the hotel took us 4 hours because of strikes happening with subways and buses. When we did get to the hotel, my body was calling for rest so I napped for a few hours. But I woke up ready to do something, so we started off the trip with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. It was a great evening!

On Wednesday, Mom ended up not feeling well so we stayed in the hotel room watching movies and napping. That, in the long run, was a blessing because my body probably wouldn't have been able to handle six straight days of moving around as much as we did and there's no way we would've wanted to go out with her not feeling well.

Thursday was packed. We went to the Louvre for 5 or 6 hours, had dessert at Angelina tea house, I went to the first established English bookstore on the continent, and we walked through the Tuileries garden. A wheelchair was necessary for me on that day, but once I sat in it, I felt kind of embarrassed. I let that attitude ruin some aspects of the morning at the Louvre but after a deep breath, just chose to not care. It prevented me from passing out and that's why we did it! Holla.

And we got to everything on Mom's list at the Louvre, through it did take us a while to find some of them. That place isn't known for its fantastic and understandable layout!

Friday morning started with walking along the Seine river up to Notre Dame and continued with a small city garden, Shakespeare & Co., and Luxembourg garden. I was zapped out by the end of it all, so we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon nap and snack break. (P.S. Dad bought us THE best raspberry tarts we've had in our lives. Omg.)

We went back out later to see the Arc de Triumph, a fantastic decision. Then, we walked to the Eiffel Tower to watch it light up at sunset. I was struggle bussin' at the end there, but my dad's a good person to lean on when I'm pushing away my body's urge to pass out.

Saturday was a change of pace, and a much needed one! We spent the morning perusing a big local flea market, getting a lot of use out of our French.

Definitely scored some great things, and I could've spent all my paychecks there if I wanted to. And let me tell ya, Mom is one of the best hagglers ever. I got things for a STEAL because she took care of that part. And Dad was so sweet, he let us take our time and even bought us some small bouquets of flowers.

Sunday, we went to Disneyland Paris--mostly for me, I suspect, and I'm so grateful my parents did that with me. It was awesome! Even though it was raining and my feet got soaked through in the morning. We stayed till the mid-afternoon, then ended the trip with a river cruise on the Seine river, which was 100% needed because my body had enough for that day. It was a beautiful end to the trip.

Our flight departed at 2pm on Monday, which was awesome because it meant we didn't have to wake up early. Heck yes. After a 10-hour flight, we arrived home in the states and I was completely exhausted. Nearly passed out about four times at the airport, but praise the Lord, He saw me through.

I felt so at home in Paris. Which is different, because usually I'm paranoid and worried about getting robbed or something! But I'm 100% planning to go back again. And it's kind of exciting, because I've now been to six countries and THREE continents! (And 3 out of 6 Disney parks in the world. Next up...Tokyo Disney? Maybe? Who knows!)

There's so much more I want to share, to write about, to post...but for now, I think that's a pretty good start. :)

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