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A Weekend in San Diego

I was feeling the need for sunshine, and it happened to be my good friend Michelle's birthday this past weekend. So I planned a trip out and got ready for a little bit of warm weather.

(Turns out I picked the perfect weekend, because everyone in Colorado got snow on Saturday while we were at the beach!)

Traveling with a camera and its equipment isn't always possible, especially for quick trips like this. I was only in California for a little over 48 hours, so I opted for a cheap Frontier flight and chose to forgo any carry-on or checked bag. Just me and a personal item, what a fun challenge it was packing everything into one small backpack!

We started the trip off Friday night with a staple: In-n-Out. #Animalstyle Then headed back to her house to watch one of our all-time classics, Mamma Mia!

We're old now so sleep found us shortly after 11pm, none of this 'staying up late' nonsense.

Saturday morning brought us to La Jolla, and let me just say: B E A U T I F U L.

It was definitely my favorite place of the weekend! La Jolla is picture perfect. We had brunch on the water and looked at sea lions, walked along the beach and took some super fun photos.

While the photographer in me wanted to have my 70D with me, my iPhone was more than enough to get some great shots!

And, you know, the basics of photography apply to iPhones just as much as the big, fancy cameras with all their gear.

Getting these shots without having to lug around the big camera on such a short trip was great.

This one I got of Michelle is an example: back-lit with a halo of light around her, a hint of lens flare. There are some things you have to look out for when using your iPhone as your camera, like distortion and lighting. But they can both be easily circumvented!

Not only was I taking photos this weekend, Michelle also decided to join in on the fun.

On Saturday we took turns posing each other, getting shots overlooking the water. She's got a great eye, and knows how to use that phone!

We enjoyed the sunshine, the coast, and the adventurous things in town. Hipster coffee shops were explored, duh. She took me to a used and rare bookstore, a swanky shop that felt like Pier 1 on steroids, and we had a late night donut run after dinner.

Sunday morning we went to one of the cutest farmers' markets ever, where I bought a loaf of ciabatta bread and my soul was happy. We tried out Bird scooters and they were so much fun.

And there was also time for a quick trip to the beach, about 10 minutes away from the airport! It was great to walk along the water and just spend time talking. She whipped out her phone and took more pictures, workin' on those angles.

I think I may have inadvertently created another photo maniac, and I'm totally okay with it. ;)

Once you find the joys of taking photos, you won't go back! Photography is for the artsy, and the analytical. It's not just for the pros, nor is it just for the outgoing. With the tech in our pockets, anyone can go out and take good photos. And with a little bit of practice, those photos can be amazing.

So hopefully next time you're in a new place, on a weekend trip or just exploring the city you live in, you'll get out the phone and make some memories with photos too!

As for me, I'm home for a total of six full days before my next adventure. This one's also going to involve beaches and sun... anyone have any guesses?

You'll find out soon if you're following my personal account or business account on Insta!

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