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Colorful Arizona

I was in Phoenix at the start of the year, a fun week of awesome projects and adventures. My good friend Emma and her family hosted me in their home, and she and I spent a week doing all sorts of things that make a creative's soul happy.

An adventure at the Grand Canyon caught on time lapse videos, recording a song + filming footage for a music video, and of course photo shoots. Some of our work you won't see for a while, like the shoot we did for my Bridesmaid Dress Project.

But this one, our experiment with color powder, this one I can show you guys now! Emma's brother Ben and his friend Nick, who are part of a Phoenix-area parkour team, were our models while we tested out different techniques to make color powder fly. We got some sweet results!

I definitely learned some what-to-do's and what-not-to-do's when using color powder. (Example: You need to use A TON for it to really show up. Also, leave it in the packet because it spreads easier than dumping it into your hand and trying to throw that in the air.)

Bonus points if you can spot which ones were taken on my camera, and which ones were taken with my iPhone! We ended up using all sorts of methods to capture the guys' movement, which in itself was a fun way to do a shoot. Definitely a great learning experience!

What's the most fun/random element you've put into a photo shoot? Tell me in the comments!

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