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January's healthy buy: the salt lamp

I picked out a salt lamp as January's healthy buy, and I kinda love it.

A lot of people say it helps purify the air and honestly I couldn't find any solid info backing that up. But that's not why I chose to buy it anyway, so it's all good. (IF you know of any real info on this, feel free to share! I just couldn't find anything so I'm not taking it as law.)

I have trouble with my vision at night, and a lot of lights give me trouble. When I was in Arizona at the beginning of January, my friends had a couple in their room and I just noticed the warm, soft light was easier on my eyes than brighter lamps.

Really simple, not overthinking it you guys.

I'm hoping to reduce some of my headaches at night by using this, rather than using some of the harsher lamps I'd had previously. And so far, it's been a good buy. I also happen to think it's super cool looking, so that's always a bonus. And I dig the way it looks in my (newly painted grey) room.

Aaaaaand, I mean, it's salt. Y'all know, homegirl needs all the salt she can get. So it just fits, right? And on the off chance it does have some air-purifying goodness or anything, the salt certainly won't hurt.

I heard some of the cheap ones were fake, so I made sure to do some research when I was looking for this guy.

Amazon is usually where it's at, so I hopped over there and started reading reviews on a lot of salt lamps. I decided I wouldn't buy anything with less than a 4-star average rating from buyers, so I scoped out a couple of them in my budget and started there.

I was willing to spend around $30ish, but I didn't just want to look for the cheapest one possible. It's all about balance, amirite? This one is from Windsor Seasons, and had a 4.5 star rating overall based on almost 400 reviews. I felt pretty good with that!

So, that's my first "healthy buy" of the year. I have an idea of what I'd like to get next month, but I'm always looking for suggestions so if you have any, send 'em my way. I've already collected some great tips from y'all and put some things on my list! We'll see what comes our way in February.

Which is like two days away.

Omg. What. I'm not ready for this!

I still keep writing "2018" and crossing it out when I write out the date! Ah!

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