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Mentoring Series Kickoff: The Truth About Mentoring

Mentoring has taken up a deep space in my heart. I've been on all sides of it--I've been the high school kid desperate to find a woman who would invest in her, the inexperienced mentor who didn't know how to put in the right time and energy in a young believer, and I've had to say goodbye to women who touched my life in ways no one else ever has.

God has stirred in my heart to come alongside young women and say, "I want to invest in your life." And I've been immensely blessed by a lot from people saying the same thing to me.

It's a pretty unique type of relationship. Being a mentor means pouring out to someone, even if it isn't always reciprocated. In fact, that's part of the point. It's choosing to give, to expend energy and time and come alongside a younger woman for the purpose of walking with her through a season.

For the believer, spiritual mentorship takes on an even deeper level. It's not the same as an academic mentor; it's not like a mentor at work. It's essentially what Paul wrote in one of his letters to the Corinthian church, "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." Mentorship's goal is to point a younger believer to Christ. And in a healthy life, if you're a mentor to someone, you should also be an older believer's manatee. (Yes, the correct word is mentee. But manatee is way more fun and I have stories about that topic you'll get to read in this series!)

I get a lot of questions about mentoring and discipleship. Mostly from people who want to find a woman to mentor them, but don't know how to go about it. Maybe that's you. I also get questions from women who want to start mentoring someone, but don't know how or where to start. Maybe that's you, too.

The truth is we need people in our lives.

We need fellowship--not just friendship.

We need deep, as we are called deeper in our relationship with Christ. We need someone to be real, honest with. And we need the encouragement that comes from those who have gone before us. The advice of women who've been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. We need to be filled up, but once we are, we need to pour out.

It's how we've been designed, and mentorship is a beautiful way to reflect Christ into the life of someone else.

So, welcome to my Mentoring Series. I'm going to cover some of the questions we all ask:

1. How do I find a mentor?

2. How can I be a mentor?

3. What does mentoring even look like?

4. How do we get started?

I'm excited to go over all these and share what I've learned from so many women before me. You'll get to hear stories, see where I've failed, and (hopefully) learn that mentoring isn't as scary or intimidating as it can feel sometimes.

It's actually one of the best things. And it can be an essential part of growing towards Christ, as we grow alongside one another. So let's do this thing!

I'd love it if you'd join my email list so you can get them directly to your inbox! And if you're following along, tell me how mentoring has impacted your life and/or ask any questions that I can add to the series!

(You can also follow me on Instagram to stay updated! Whoop whoop.)

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