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Get out there

Today I want to talk to about something really important: marketing.

Just kidding. You've heard all about how to do that, and everyone on social media is marketing-minded these days. You can barely escape it! Influencers popping up out of nowhere, our friends becoming reps for companies and trying to get us on board, it's everywhere. You don't need another blog post about "how to get 10,000 followers" because at the end of the day, that's not what's important. That's not what I want out of my life. And I don't think you do, either.

No, today, what we're talking about is why you should be present on social media. But for a whole other reason.

Because social media is important in our world today. And social media can be a really great tool! If you're on Instagram, like most of us are, I encourage you to get out there and connect with people. Interact with them, invest in them--even if just a little. Why? Well...

Everybody can use a friend.

I love my friends. I feel so supported when they're there for me! And I love supporting them too. We spend so much of our time online now, we can use this as time to invest in our friends. If you're on social media and perusing about, reach out! It'll never ruin someone's day to receive a nice comment, DM, or share. Let's be those people--let's be in each other's corners! Point out when someone's slaying the Insta game, encourage them when they're working hard, notice them when they're vulnerable. Instagram can be the place we show up for each other in the very best of ways.

No one needs another pushy salesman in their life.

We have plenty of those in the world. Am I right? We don't need more people contacting us only to get us on board with their company, program, sales pitch, etc. We do love being able to use social media as a platform for our businesses, y'all, and I'm all for it. But when interacting with each other on social media, let's not just do it for our own monetary pursuits!

It's a good day to have a good day and spread some sunshine.

Everyone feels that little spark of joy when they're encouraged. I know I have! It can make a bad day a little better, or a good day even better, to hear something uplifting from a friend--old or new. A kind word, an encouraging note, even a few emojis can make someone's day. So why not do it? We watch stories, we scroll reach out!

You never need an excuse to be kind.

Showing up for people online is definitely one way to be kind. In a culture where everyone's hustling, trying their best to produce good content or promote their business, it can mean a lot to just spread a little bit of online love. Whether you're interacting with your besties or your online tribe, it's a small thing we can do to spread a little bit of kindness. And the best way to build community is to actively participate in it.

Everyone's on Instagram these days, everyone's got their own agendas and goals. But what if we slow down for a moment and focus on the people behind the screens? Even spending one minute a day reaching out to the people around you on social media can make a huge impact.

If you've been craving community online, if you're looking for your tribe, there's no better way to find them than just reaching out in kindness to others! You never know who will turn into your biggest supporters and encouragers. Everyone can use a little bit of sunshine in their life, and you can be that sunshine just by lifting others up.

And for those of you who are looking to be part of a bigger community online, here's one of the best: Rising Tide Society. You can get involved in their online community and even join in meetups at local chapters all over the country (and internationally)! They have Instagram challenges you can hop in on from time to time, tons of resources every month, Instagram pods, all sorts of ways for you to get involved.

So go on, get out there and do it--be the encouragement somebody needs and chase after your tribe! After all, "a rising tide lifts all boats."

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