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April's healthy buy: essential oil diffuser

If you read this post in January, you know I'm making (at least) one healthy purchase every month this year to continually step towards a healthy lifestyle. Making the goal of one thing per month is an easy goal to follow through with!

In January, I bought a salt lamp. February, I stocked up on some essential oils I needed. March was a natural deodorant (I didn't enjoy liking it so I'll keep looking for one of those), and in April I bought a new diffuser.

Obviously it's June, so I've fallen behind with posting about my healthy buys... but to catch you up, in May I restocked my Frankincense oil (that guy is important but expensive!) and this month I'm hoping to get blue light blocking glasses. I'll try to blog about it sooner rather than later and let you know if I like them!

But, this post is about the diffuser. I bought it at the end of April and it came by early May, so I've had it around a month. It's not one from Young Living or DoTerra, which are the big name brands in essential oils these days, but I actually bought it from Amazon. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it, but I had hope because it had some really good reviews.

Honesty, I bought it partially because it's pretty. There were lots of diffusers in my price range, but I wanted one I'd want to look at sometimes! It's for my office and I wanted it to be something that made me feel peaceful/calm. And I wanted it to fit my aesthetic. ;) This one is great! It's pretty small and made of glass, and I think it's beautiful.

I have another non-name brand diffuser for our kitchen and it works okay, but you can tell it's not a great quality diffuser. This little glass one though, this one I like. I can actually tell it's working when I diffuse Stress Away, or when I put Orange + Lemon in it to freshen up the room.

I recently started diffusing Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon for allergies, and it's making a huge difference. The days I have used it in this way, I haven't had to take allergy meds! (*unless* I'm going to be somewhere directly near grass, and then it doesn't matter how many oils I use. I need all the meds too.)

Overall look? 5/5 for sure. Functionality is probably 4.5/5. It's easy to use and easy to refill. Doesn't look like it'll be that difficult to clean, either. I'm happy with my purchase and if you're looking for affordable diffuser options, you should look into this one!


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