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'Corona Season' Silver Linings

Spring 2020 was not what anyone anticipated. Instead of trips and celebrations and spending time with loved ones, people all over the world were kept inside as we slowed the progress of a pandemic. It was difficult. It was frustrating. It was scary. Most of us spent at least two full months inside, sheltering in place, grieving and adapting and wondering, what do we do?

It's been a hard season, y'all. There was a lot of stress and heartbreak; but there were also some good things that came from it, or happened during it. Even in dark seasons, there are reasons to rejoice. And so during this season, I decided to keep track of the positives in my own life, some things that wouldn't have even happened if we weren't staying home and living differently than we were accustomed to.

Here 42 positives I saw during the Coronavirus pandemic, from March to May...

  1. Work from home approved by JA (my biggest work contract that was in-office)

  2. Five extra months to save up for the Japan trip (possibly up to 12 months!)

  3. Sent H & A some Starbucks money when they lost their jobs, just to cheer them up

  4. Saving money on gas every week

  5. Frozen II being released on Disney+ early (of course I'm celebrating this one!)

  6. Time for so much real rest, and to learn what real vs. fake rest is

  7. Delivered Chick Fil A breakfasts to M, S, K, & H to cheer them up

  8. Extended contract with LB (from 4 months to 6 months)

  9. Getting more creative projects done

  10. More hours of work approved at JA

  11. Saved up and bought a new phone

  12. Going through (part of) Proverbs with M

  13. More zoom calls & intentional hangouts with friends

  14. Game night on zoom with the Disney Day girls

  15. More prayers happening over the phone

  16. Family long-distance movie night

  17. Onward released early on Disney+ (the most exciting thing)

  18. More hours of work with LB

  19. Going through 1 & 2 Peter with B

  20. M's birthday surprises, movie, and game time

  21. FaceTime anime with S (nearly every weekend!)

  22. Giving free produce to neighbors, M, M & D

  23. More time spent reading books (I read a lot anyway, but still!)

  24. More time outside in the sunshine on warm spring days

  25. Sent letters and coloring pages to A, L, A & R

  26. Creative ways to hang out (like on top of the car across the parking lot)

  27. Virtual yoga with the girls on Mondays (CO, CA, and Japan represented!)

  28. Virtual Global TuesdaysTogether meeting

  29. Refund on Southwest airlines flight (going back into the Japan fund!)

  30. H & A sending us a snack care package

  31. M's birthday surprise and impromptu party

  32. Japanese snacks delivered from A

  33. Japan night with A & B (on a day we would've actually been in Japan!)

  34. More picnics with friends (4-5 picnics this spring, which doesn't usually happen)

  35. Book club starting up (and reading a great book to start)

  36. Watching Ip Man 4 for Dad's birthday

  37. Playing Quiplash with the family for Mom's birthday

  38. More potted flowers outside (and our back porch feels like a garden now!)

  39. Being able to wear comfortable clothes while working

  40. Finishing the entire Bible read-through with B

  41. Celebrating M's pregnancy announcements

  42. Quarantine checklist fun with A

This quarantine and these months of craziness have impacted all our lives. And while everyone's experience, losses, and gains looked different, there's always something to be grateful for. What silver linings have you found in this season, friends?


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